Thursday, March 10, 2011

Contest Question

I have several giveaways planned and wanted to poll my followers as to their entry preferences. 

  • Do you like getting multiple entries for doing certain things ie. following on facebook  for 3 extra entries? 
  • Do you prefer giveaways with one comment/way of entry per person?
I'd also like to know if you find a good blog or a good blog giveaway do you share it with others?

Thank you.  You're input is appreciated!


  1. One comment, one way would sure be less work for entering but then again less promo for the company's and their products! Tweeting PR promo giveaway + contest tweets is "sharing" with others isn't it? Followers "see" ! ☺

  2. Either way is fine by me- as far as credit/entries for following/doing certain things (FB example) Your blog is fast so it doesnt take a ton of time to copy/paste that I follow you 3 times, although one is easier :)

    Like ToothFairy says, if you do a tweet, you are advertising not just for your sponsors, but your blog as well. More tweets is more times your name gets out there. I think your twice a day is reasonable, being as they are 3 hours apart (on a current contest) but I sure wouldn't go over 2 if you are spacing them that way. Thats just my opinion though.

    Tweets would be considered sharing as what you tweet is 'out' there for whomever follows you or looks up your name. I have seen some blogs offer entries for almost anything- again in my opinion once you get past twitter/facebook you arent going to reach a ton of folks- there are newsletters/contest sites that those who enter likely are getting anyway- and bloggers who accept myspace entries are stretching things a bit :)

    In the end though, it is your blog, and if you want 50 entries for following a certain way, those who want to enter will. Some feel multiple entries are too hard or entries spaced out are too hard also, and wont enter if you handed an entry wrapped in chocolate .