Friday, August 27, 2010

Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Twittermoms has kept me busy today.  As my followers know I've had some lapses in between posts at times.  I love that Twittermoms inspires me and introduces me to new products.  Twittermoms is teaming up with Tiny Prints to challenge bloggers to share their 10 tips for planning a unique baby shower.

This is one of my favorite designs and can be found at Tiny Prints by clicking here .

It's been a little while since I've had to plan a shower but I love that baby shower's are changing with the times and incorporating the father more.

  1. Think outside the box.
  2. Include Dad and other male relatives incl. children.  Having a baby is so exciting for the entire family you must share this shower with everyone.
  3. Recruit helpers and delegate tasks.  Most of the time you will find plenty of people willing to help if you just ask.
  4. Don't break the bank.  Money spent on decorations may be better spent on gifts for the new mom.  Consider a theme that you can use household items or toys you already have to decorate with.  You can also use the nursery theme as your parties decorations.  If the Mom to be has registered for a particular pattern, you can use your gift as the decoration.
  5. Focus on the Mom to be.  Again, don't break the bank.  Have someone make the cake, ask close family members to bring items and assign them to bring nuts, mints, finger sandwiches etc.  Don't underestimate that Aunt So and So may be more than willing to help out.
  6. Secure a place to hold the shower that will accommodate the guests comfortably.  Family homes, Churches, recreation centers etc may be available for low or no cost.
  7. Order invitations from Tiny Prints for as low as 59cents/each! Here Below are two examples of the awesome options available.

8. Don't forget to go GREEN just like Tiny Prints "In addition, our high quality cardstock is made with fine craftsmanship using luxurious materials that are also easy on the environment."  Consider using towels, receiving blankets etc. in lieu of wrapping paper.

9. Playing games may be old school for showers but you can mix it up by posting guests guesses as to arrival date, sex, weight, length etc. on a decorative poster and take it to the hospital when the baby arrives to decorate the room with and to help the winner boast!

10.  Have fun and go with the flow!  Is that a unique tip?  It is if you are a perfectionist like I am.  Be sure to plan as much as you can and expect little things may come up but if you have utilized your volunteers Aunt ? last minute change of food she brings won't be noticed.

I haven't ordered from Tiny Prints personally but have read many blog posts about them and haven't seen a negative review yet.  Check out their Baby Shower Invitations for yourself.  You can even order samples before making your decision.

Not having a baby shower?  Visit  to see their selection of cards for all occasions!  I hope to send out Christmas Cards this year and to have a family picture for one of Tiny Prints beautiful choices.

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  1. Many kids comes with parents in Baby shower invitations how to handle them, specially then, when all elders are busy...give any tip.

  2. I would say one option would be to recruit a teenager to entertain the younger children. They could participate in activities such as making cards/artwork for the baby and mother. They might also play games such as guessing the baby's gender, suggesting names etc.