Monday, July 19, 2010

Garage Sale Advice?

I am very inexperienced in the area of having a garage sale as I'm not one to easily part with things but when I do, usually donate to various charities.  I have undertaken a massive entire house cleaning project and am in a pinch time wise to host a garage sale to try to make a little cash from the treasures I am parting with.  I would appreciate any advice you may have.  I have been told Craigs List and local newspapers are great ways to advertise.  Any other ideas?  Any tips, tricks?  The last garage sale I had was advertised by the subdivision as a community garage sale and I had less than a dozen customers and was told only a handful in the neighborhood participated. 
BTW: I have already made plans to donate the remainder of items to local charities after the garage sale.

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  1. It is good to advertise on Craigslist--and not just once. Make sure you run an ad on the day before. Friday has always been the better day from my experience. Also, if you start early--say 7am--you will get ALL the early birds flocking to your house. Another good thing is signs--put them up to clearly mark where your house is. Also, put them up a few days before if no rain is forecasted. Put them at large crossroads near your house. Hope this helps!