Monday, January 3, 2011

Bullying 180: Flipping the Bully Behavior On Its Head

Earlier I shared my review of Flightless Goose with you.  You can read my full review HERE.  The Writer's Lair Book's publishes Flightless Goose and has started GILBERT SAYS “NO” TO BULLYING! Books For Schools Campaign (BFSC).  Their goal is to have 10 books a day sponsored for schools every day in 2011.  This is a great book to address bullying behavior with children.  Please visit: for more information.


  1. I think this is a wonderful way to address bullying issues in the early years of school. My son physically and mentally received bruises while in middle school from a boy that was bullying other boys all year and picked on my son the last full day of school of his sixth grade yr. I found out about it when I picked my son up from school and promptly parked my car and went in to see what the principal was going to do about the incident. I really didn't get much satisfaction from her as she was saying it was the end of school and the bully boy was going to different school the next year. The attendance lady highly suggested I take him to his doctor to get a written record of the bruises he had received, etc.,which I had already decided I was going to do. I was livid! After seeing the doctor, my son and I drove to my husband's work and my husband and I decided to call the police to file a report. To make a long story short,there was a court date (informal meeting in a small room of a rep. of the courts and both families)from which the child was given six months of community service work and was made to take a formal wrestling course in school from which he would learn discipline. This was due to him doing wrestling maneuvers on my son that he had seen on tv. We were so thankful that our son's neck wasn't broken. It is very sad that a lot of the bullying is learned at home.

  2. Mames3
    Thank you for sharing your story. It is such instances that I hope programs like the Writer's Lair's can prevent from happening.

  3. I've had to bring up bullying this year to the assistant principal. Reports of it from my kids and a friend's daughter about one girl mostly. I'm hoping measures were taken. I think this was a good couple of weeks before the break. I'll see if any new reports come in (from my kids) after they return.

    They didn't return today...and maybe not tomorrow either...because of this (not sure if CNN has shared on air or on their ticker yet but they have an article out now too):


  4. We reviewed this book also. Great artistry. The bad guys actually scared Stacy, it was pretty funny. Bullying is not funny though and this is one book that can hopefully make a difference. Thanks for posting on our blog today. On my way to a happy life by Deepak Chopra is superb at teaching us life long universal tools. I wanted to let you know in our Intentional Parenting Book store we have a series of books about a girl named Sarah by Abraham-hicks that you might enjoy for your tween.
    Namaste, Carol