Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great Deal on Amazon! PopChips

Amazon is running another excellent sale on PopChips.  If you haven't tasted these, I love them.  They are baked and "popped" instead of fried.  I tried these a couple of months ago when Amazon ran a similar offer and we went through a case of 24 individual packs in no time.  The link shows a case of  regular flavor but others are available at the starting price of  $13.42.  Utilize the subscribe and save function (saves 15% and ships for free) along with this months code OCTOPOPS at check out for additional savings making these $9.40 a case or approx. .39 a bag.  While this isn't a "steal" this is a good price on a good item for children's lunches and snacks. 
*A note about Subscribe and Save.  After your order arrives you may cancel the subscribe and save if you do not want to receive automatic shipments.  Just visit your Amazon Account and Subscription tag and unsubscribe.

If you'd like to order I have included a link and would appreciate if you ordered through the blog link.  I am an amazon affiliate and you would be supporting my blog by doing so.  Thank you.
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  1. I had to pop in an let you know I have had Pop Chips, and they are turning up everywhere! They were the official snack at our Film Festival in San Diego.
    Love them!