Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1-800Flowers Toys for Tots

Do you remember Warm Fuzzies when you were in a kid?  I do.  1-800Flowers is bringing them back for a great cause.  1-800Flowers has a goal of 10,000 warm fuzzies to be sent this Christmas Season.  If their goal is reached they will donate $5,000 to Toys for Tots.  Visit their facebook page and start sending warm fuzzies to all of your friends to help 1-800Flowers meet their goal.

To add to the fun your warm fuzzy will be sent secretly and your name will not be revealed until December 21st!  You will also receive a bonus discount from 1-800Flowers!  I hope everyone participates in this fun and very worthy cause!

*This post is my honest opinion.  I participated in this promotion as a member of Global Influence Network and will be eligible for a drawing for 1-800Flowers.

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